Predator Hunting with John Alden, the shooting episode (part 2).

In this episode, Jeff Turner interviews John Alden of Foxpro Game Calls. This is a “Part 2” to the previous episode where we touch on some basics of predator hunting, and how John got to where he is today. In this episode, we dig deeper into the nuts and bolts of the gun, and how it applies to night time predator hunting. If you are looking to learn more about the ballistics side of hunting, this is your podcast! Remember to check out our sponsor, Predator Precision at and also be sure to subscribe to our channel for future podcast episode drops!


Coyote Hunting and Shooting Basics- with John Alden

This episode Jeff Turner interviews John Alden, sponsored by Foxpro, and well known PRS competition shooter. John is an accomplished predator hunter, as well as precision shooter, and his combination of experience makes him a wealth of knowledge for us to learn from. John covers everything from calling, coyote behavior, and a little shooting. We are releasing our next episode soon, where we do a “shooting specific” episode with John, and get into the nuts and bolts of night time hunting